Pulaar: Vocabulary


aplenty adj. keewdum; ko heewi.
bind v. jokkondirde; habbude.
casque n. kaske.
dilate v. yuufde; yaajde.
environment n. sara; saraaji.

anande v. be jealous of.
bonnitde v. denigrate; vilify; debase; spoil again. (from bonande – damage; mess; waste; tragedy; havoc; destruction.  Dum ko bonande It is  a waste.
cuutirgal – instrument for lifting or pulling out.
deedol – a cut. (from deedaade v. cut oneself accidentally.)
endu – breast; bosom; pap; womb. daccude ~ wean. endi pl.

Entries from Dr. Mamadou Niang’s Pulaar Standard Dictionary.

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