Wolof Phrases: Language Difficulties


Do you speak English? 
Ndax dégg nga angale?

Do you understand?
Dégg nga?

   I understand.
   Dégg naa.

   I don’t understand.

Could you please … ?
Ndax mën nga … su la neexee?

   repeat that
   ko waxaat

   speak more slowly
   wax ndànk

   write it down
   ko bind

Source: Lonely Planet Africa Phrasebook


  1. hello ! write it down = bind ko (not ” ko bind” ), repeat that = waxat ko or waxatal , and speak more slowly is “waxal ndank” (not “wax ndank” )

    hope this helps ! take care


    • sorry i conjugated as if I was talking to someone, maybe you meant to translate the infinitives, if yes then wax ndank is correct for “To speak slowly” , and waxal ndank is “speak slowly” (as if I am asking someone to speak slowly)


      • Thanks for the corrections! This does help a lot. So, if I understand correctly to say “wax ndank” is more of describing an action like saying “he speaks slowly” and “waxal ndank” is more of a demand as in “please speak slowly”?


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