Wolof Phrases: Language Difficulties

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Do you speak English? 
Ndax dégg nga angale?

Do you understand?
Dégg nga?

   I understand.
   Dégg naa.

   I don’t understand.

Could you please … ?
Ndax mën nga … su la neexee?

   repeat that
   ko waxaat

   speak more slowly
   wax ndànk

   write it down
   ko bind

Source: Lonely Planet Africa Phrasebook


  1. hello ! write it down = bind ko (not ” ko bind” ), repeat that = waxat ko or waxatal , and speak more slowly is “waxal ndank” (not “wax ndank” )

    hope this helps ! take care

    1. sorry i conjugated as if I was talking to someone, maybe you meant to translate the infinitives, if yes then wax ndank is correct for “To speak slowly” , and waxal ndank is “speak slowly” (as if I am asking someone to speak slowly)

      1. Thanks for the corrections! This does help a lot. So, if I understand correctly to say “wax ndank” is more of describing an action like saying “he speaks slowly” and “waxal ndank” is more of a demand as in “please speak slowly”?

  2. It’s commendable that Natalie is deaecdtid to getting an education rather than just acting, although she can get along just fine with that. It says a lot about a person and her values. More actors should follow her lead.

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