Wolof Grammar: Suffixes


-a : indicates distance from the speaker (usually on def. art.); fas wi – this horse here; fas wathat horse there

-aale : indicates ‘somewhat’; ‘-ish’; ‘with’; soreyaalesomewhat far; weexaale – whitish; yobbuwaale – to take with one

-aan : indicates habitual or professional action; woyaan to sing as a profession; nooraanto spend the dry season (habitual)

-aat : indicates ‘again’; ñowaat – to come again

-aay : indicates abstraction; rafetaay – beauty (rafet = beautiful)

-adi : implies diminution;  dofadi – to be slightly crazy

-agul : indicates ‘not yet’; ñowagul – he has not yet come


source: David P. Gamble, Gambian Wolof-English Dictionary

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