Wolof Vocabulary

  1. a  –  it is (cf. la); Yallaa ko def. – It is God who did it. [Yalla + a]; Omar a ko wax. – It is Omar who said it. Man a. – It is I.
  2. balafoŋ bi  –  xylophone
  3. cof  –  to peck
  4. dey (de)  –  emphatic article; Man dey… As for me…
  5. e (a + e = ee)  –  a suffix making intransitive verbs transitive; genna to go out; gennee to put out
  1. custom/tradition  –  aada ji (Ar.)
  2. Adam  –  Aadama (a name given to a twin, the other being Hawa [Eve]); doom i Aadama yi – human beings
  3. desire/need  –  aajo ji (Ar.)
  4. whitish (to be)  –  weex-aale
  5. protect (to)  –  aar; kaar gi – protection; aar yaram wi – to protect the body

Source: David P. Gamble – Gambian Wolof – English Dictionary


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