Senegal Independence Day


Senegal gained partial independence from France today in 1960 with complete independence achieved upon the dissolution of the Mali Federation on August 20th of the same year.

Brief video of Independence Day in Senegal…


  1. I am recently married to a Sengal native that speaks wolof. I would like to learn basic words to surprise him on his birthday. I am an americian with only english in my vocabulary. I wish there was some kind of audio wolof learning that i could get.


    • There is a computer software program called “101 Languages of the World”. Wolof is one of the languages they cover and of course it includes audio. I got my copy at an office supply store but I am sure you can buy it online as well.


    • If she is talking about the dictionary by Nyima Kantorek then I would only recommend it because Wolof/English dictionaries are practically non-existent. But the orthography used in the dictionary is very hard to follow (even though it was specially developed for English speakers!)

      Try one of the downloadable PDFs online from the Peace Corps.


  2. As Salaamu Alaykum,
    Thank you for featuring these questions and answers for I to am seeking to learn more wolof in addition to what my children and family members teach me from time to time on almost a weekly basis. I find it difficult to retain what they speak to me for the fact that I am American and reside here 7 months in a given year and I don’t get enough practice to exercise it daily but I am very grateful.

    Dieureudieuf!!! (thank you)

    Mama Queen Sheba Cisse


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