Ay Baatu Waxtaan


More time & directions…

Phrases To Practice / Phrases à la pratique

Ban waxtu moo jot?What time is it?

Minwi jotna.It is midnight.

Fukki waxtu ak ñaar jotna.It is noon.

Naka laa fay demee?How do I get there?

Ci wetu jumaa ji.Next to the mosque.

Toppal yoon wi.Follow this road.

Xam nga fan la?Do you know where it is?

Kan ngay ñew?When are we arriving?


    • Is that a type of tree? They would probably just use the French if they were to be specific about the type. Unless they have their own local name for this specific tree? The general word for tree in Wolof is ‘garab’ which also means medicine.


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