If you live in the Portland, Or. area…


Please visit my friend’s store:

Your African Community Market, Inc.

5516 16th Ave. (off Killingsworth), Portland, Or. 97211

Everyday, 11am to 7pm

Mr. Karifa Koroma, 503-841-2108

African films, music & video plus a whole lot more.


  1. Salaam maalekum! Na nga def? Man ngi fii rekk ak am naa jamm – alxamdulila! Man, njang naa Wolof wante dafa am solo jang lool!

    I just moved here to Beaverton from Illinois where I was attending the Univ. of Illinois pursuing a master’s in African Studies – research in Senegal re: grassroots orgs., adult literacy initiatives and HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.

    I have been curious as to what the African community was like here – are there gatherings or anything? Are there language classes offered for Wolof?

    I’d appreciate any help you may provide – I am looking to meet some people out here as I am so new to the area (only been here 2 weeks).

    Thank you!


  2. Malekum salaam! Jamm rekk. Welcome! There are a lot of African peoples here. The East African communities seem to be more organized as far as events and groups go but the West African community is substantial as well. There are no Wolof classes here that I am aware of…I have been trying to find one for the last couple of years with no luck. That is a big reason why I started this blog. The closest Wolof class I was able to find was in Eugene which is a bit of a travel for someone in Portland to do on a regular basis. I have been wanting to start a study/discussion group but I am not sure how to go about it. Email me at daaralaaka ‘at’ hotmail.com and maybe we can get together and I can introduce you to some of my friends.


  3. salaam maalekum 😀 i live nearby and have been looking for someone to learn wolof with, leaving in august to study in Dakar for a year. Would love to be part of a study group! Have you all started something up already? Thanks so much for posting all of your findings too, this is such a great resource 😀


  4. Na nga def Christine! Nope, we haven’t gotten anything started yet as far as a study/discussion group although we do socialize with the Senegalese community here. I will be leaving for Dakar in a few days to study Wolof at the ACI Baobab Center. I will only be in Dakar for about a month so it doesn’t look like our paths will cross in Dakar…but hopefully by the time you return to Portland we will have started something by then and you can come join us and share what you have learned. Thank you for your interest in this blog!


  5. Waaw mbokka yi, nu mu demee? Weru Aout tambaliwee dinaa fekke mangi Portland. Ndax am na fu ma menna dem giis ay Senegalais?

    I lived in Senegal for a year and do all I can to keep up my Wolof. I’ll be in Portland from August 8-12. I love to meet with West African folks wherever I run into them in the U.S. Any recommendations for whom I might seek out in Portland?

    Nuyu naa leen lu bari. Jaafefatee!


  6. We still have not managed to start a discussion/study group but the interest is still there.

    Christine, if you are back or will be returning soon please contact me and maybe we can organize something. I have since became friends with Heather (one of the other posters on this thread) and I am sure she would be interested as well.


  7. I am a returned Peace Corps volunteer (I served in Gambia from 2006-2008) and I’ve been looking for a way to keep up my Wolof skills. Did this conversation/study group ever get going? I’m really interested in participating if you all are open to that!


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