A Couple Slang Words…


Sai Sai –

“That little crafty one.” (Euphemism given to AIDS in the poor suburbs of Dakar, Senegal.) Also means bad person, “playa”, pimp, crooked business person, etc. Used for men & women. Can be like an insult or badge of pride.

Bin Bins –

A string of beads worn on an elastic string. Senegalese girls typically wear them just beneath the top of their pants or skirts, or sometimes just above. It is considered flirtatious, or even slightly erotic to show one’s bin-bins, particularly to a guy. And if a guy gives a girl a set of bin-bins, it’s pretty clear what that means!


  1. FYI…Bin-bin are not the only waist beads though. Jell-Jelli are also waist beads, but they are thicker and definitely worn above or even on top of a wrap skirt (a lapa) — they are often worn by dancers and are meant to make noise as one dances. If a woman is seen wearing jell-jelli, it is not necessarily flirtatious.


    • Vad roligt att du srikvit lite om Gambia igen det var ett tag sedan. Jag har aldrig varit pe5 brottningsmatch men jag fe5r ge5 ne4sta ge5ng jag e5ker till Gambia som jag planerar gf6ra snart. Jag kommenterar se4llan din blogg men jag le4ser den alltid ff6r den e4r be4st.Sister Cools senaste inle4gg..


  2. Actually jell-jelli are the same thing. very sexually explicit, like walking around wearing only thong underwear…dancers wear them over the top of their skirts (seer) because the griot caste (which include dancers and drummers) are allowed to be overtly sexual in public.


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