Yes. No! Maybe?


YesWaaw (wow)
and now en français; Oui (wee)

No – Déedéet (dey-deyt)
and en français; Non (non)

Maybe – Xejna (khedj-nuh)
en français; Peut-être (per-tay-trer)


  1. I was looking at your Who We Are page and I noticed that your last names are Gurney. That was my grandmother’s maiden name. I have never heard of anyone else with that surname. I am in Portland, Oregon right now but I am planning on returning to Senegal around February or March. I don’t know the village that you are going to but in some of the smaller ones most of the people may not know much French…but French is definitely a very important language to know while in Senegal. I will add you to our blogroll as well.


  2. We are in Washington state & have family in Portland, OR (although not Gurney’s)….what was your grandmother’s name & where was she from? We have family in Oklahoma as well as other parts of Washington. It is my understanding that the original spelling was Gurnea & it was Dutch. We will be in Keur Madiabel (South-East of Dakar) in Feb. We have been told that many of the men & younger women & children speak French.


  3. I was talking to some senegalese the other day and they were pronouncing the french word for ‘maybe’ like ‘per-tet’ instead of ‘per-tay-trer’ like I wrote it. I do not know if my original source for the pronunciation was wrong or if they just say it different in senegal.


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