…and now for some Pulaar.


We have covered some French & Arabic (tuuti rekk) which are of course common in much of the parts that Wolof is spoken but another common native language is Pulaar which is spoken by the Peul peoples. Although most Peuls in Wolof speaking areas will understand Wolof it is always nice to be able to say at least a few things to someone in their mother tongue. So here are a few “essential” phrases that you may want to practice…

No ngoolu daa. Hello.

Nalleen e jamm. Goodbye.

Njaafodaa. Please.

A jaaraamah. Thank you.

Enen ndendidum. You’re welcome.

Achanam hakke. Pardon.

Yaafo. Sorry.

Eey. Yes.

Alaa. No.

Ko Engale tan kaala mi. I speak only English.

Mi nani Faranse seeda. I speak a little French.

No mbiyeteedaa? What’s your name?

Ko … mbiyetee mi. My name is … .

Ko les USA njeyaa mi. I’m from USA.


    • Hello Tia are you from Matam? I’d love to know , you see I’m interested in the people of that place & would love to get in touch with the people of that place as well as to learn their language.


  1. Pula Fuuta (in the south of Senegal- Tamba and Kedougou) is a little different:

    A/On jaaraama: Hello.

    A waali e jam: Good morning

    A naali e jam: Good day

    A hiiri e jam: Good evening

    Yo wallen e jam: Good night

    On jaaraama naani: Goodbye.

    A jaaraama bouy: Thank you.

    Wanna hay fus: You’re welcome.

    Achana hakke: Pardon/ Sorry

    Hakke alla: It’s okay

    Eey(-o): Yes.

    Oo-oo: No.

    Ko anglais tun mi naani: I speak only English.

    Mi naani Faranse ko seeda tun: I speak a little French.

    Ko honno inneteeda?/ Inde ma?: What’s your name?

    Ko … mi inetee: My name is … .

    Ko amerik me iwi: I’m from USA.


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