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French / Wolof

Hello.Bonjour.Salaam aleekum.
Goodnight.Bonsoir.Fanaanleen jàmm.
Goodbye.Au revoir.Mangi dem.
Please.S’il vous plaît.Bu la neexee.
Thank you.Merci.Jërejëf.
Sorry.Pardon.Baal ma.
Do you speak English?Parlez-vouz anglais?Ndax dégg nga angale?
Do you Understand?Comprenez-vous?Dégg nga?
I understand.Je comprends.Dégg naa.
I don’t understand.Je ne comprends pas.Dégguma.
Could you …?Pourriez-vous …?Ndax mën nga …?
repeat that répéter ko waxaat
speak more slowly parler plus lentement wax ndànk
write it down l’écrire ko bind

Diola (Jola)


Fula (Fulfulde / Pulaar / Peul / Fulani / Fulbe / Tukulor / Fulakunda / Futa Fula) ngoolu daa/dong (sg./pl.)
Goodbye.ñalleen/mbaaleen e jamm (day/night)


Good morning.nee-soh-mah
Good evening.nee-woo-lah

Mandinka (Mandingo / Manding / Bambara)

Hello.i/al be ñaading (sg./pl.) tuma doo
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Things to do in The Gambia

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Senegal: XOF – CFA Franc; The Gambia: GMD – Gambian Dalasi

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West Africa’s other “visitor-friendly” destination, with tasty food, nice beaches and French colonial history.

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I want to contact my consulate/embassy.
Je veux contacter mon consulat/ambassade.
Bëgg naa yéganteek sama konsulaa/ambasaad.
أريد الاتصال بقنصليتي / سفارتي. (‘urid aliatisal biqunsuliati / sfarti.)

U.S. Embassy Senegal
Route des Almadies
Dakar, Senegal
(221) 33-879-4000

U.S. Embassy The Gambia
P.M.B. 19
Banjul, The Gambia
(220) 439-2856

U.S. Embassy Mauritania
Nouadhibou Road
Nouakchott, Mauritania
(222) 4525-2660

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