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  2. I need to translate this in wolof pleaseeeeee
    “African or American…

    We’re all the same

    Asian or European…

    We’re all the same

    Hi, Salut, Salam, Shalom

    Hi, Salut, Salam, Shalom

    Black or White

    Red or Yellow

    We are all the same.

    We are all the same.

    We are all children of God.

    We are all the same.

    We are all the same.”

    1. You can say nio far (literally ‘we are together’ or ‘we are one’). Wolof words for Asian and European aren’t widely used – you can say toubab for European but it’s not a nice word to use. ‘walla’ is ‘or.’ Again, with the colours the French words are mixed with Wolof – ñuul walla weeh, honk walla jaune.

      So altogether,

      Africain walla Americain
      Nio far,
      Asiatique walla Europeen,

      Hi, Salut, Salaam Shalom,

      ñuul walla weeh,
      honk walla jaune,

      Yalla moy suñu baye

      Hope that is helpful

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