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This site will always remain free but by making a small donation you will be helping me to be able to acquire more Wolof resources that I can use to make this site even better. Many of these resources are rare and can cost $100 or more! (many of which I have to translate from other languages) Which is the reason I started this site in the first place — because of the lack of access to Wolof materials for English speakers, and hopefully I’ve been doing my small part to provide a suitable place for English speakers wishing to learn this wonderful language.

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You can donate anything from one cent on up. I truly appreciate your donation and every penny I receive through this account will go directly towards site maintenance and research. This has been my baby for the last 5 years and I’m dedicated to continuing to build and improve this site and provide my visitors with a free and easy to use website for learning about the Wolof language, people and culture of West Africa. I have many more ideas to implement and your support will help me to bring these ideas to light much quicker.

I know that in these times money is tight for everybody, including myself, so anything you can give is greatly appreciated and if you’re unable to give, no worries, you’re still appreciated 🙂 Thanks just for being one of the many visitors to this site that shows me that what I created 5 years ago on a whim to help me with my own study of Wolof has turned into something useful for hundreds of visitors from around the world every day. That alone is a lot.


– Amadou.

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