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Peace Corps Wollof – English Dictionary online collaborative Wolof dictionary
FREELANG Wolof-English and English-Wolof online dictionary
Janga Wolof Dictionary


Ohio University
Wolof Video Course
University of Kansas
Africa Studies Center
University of Maryland
Columbia University


Books/Print Materials

Wolof-English/Englis… Dictionary & Phrasebook by Nyima Kantorek
Nanu Dgg Wolof =: Let’s Speak Wolof: A First-Year Textbook by Omar Ka
Wolof Lexicon and Grammar (English and Wolof Edition) by Sana Camara
Wolof by Tijan M. Sallah
Guide Poche Wolof 2010 by Michael Franke
Masters of the Sabar: Wolof Griot Percussionists of Senegal (African Soundscapes) by Patricia Tang
Dictionnaire Français-Wolof Et Français-Bambara, Suivi Du Dictionnaire Wolof-Français (French Edition) by Jean Dard
The Oedipus Trilogy (Webster’s Wolof Thesaurus Edition) by Sophocles
God Alone Is King : Islam and Emancipation in Senegal : The Wolof Kingdoms of Kajoor and Bawol, 1859-1914 (Social History of Africa) by James F. Searing
Wolof Phonology and Morphology by Omar Ka
Manuel de conversation =: Conversation hand-book : wolof/francais/English, mandeng/francais/Eng… pulaar/francais/English (French Edition)
dictionnaire wolof-français et français-wolof by Jean-Léopold Diouf


One comment

  1. Hello ,

    I am an independent sofware developper , I have developped an Iphone application that teaches wolof language.

    I would like you to add a link to the app in your blog in the book section (or create new section for apps).

    This current version of the application is for french speakers but english version is on way , it will available in a couple of months.

    This is the link to the “Le wolof facile” on the App Store

    If you want to test the application I can send you a promo code so you can download the app for free in the App Store or i-tunes.

    Samba Kamara


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