Wolof Grammar: Describing People and Things



Mouse over individual Wolof words for definitions.


Naka la mel?What is he/she/it like?

This question can refer to both physical and moral descriptions.


The term dafa is usually used to answer this question:

Dafa njool.He/she is tall.
Suma xarit bi dafa em.My friend is medium sized.
Kër gi dafa réy.The compound (home) is big.


For plurality you can use deñu:

Deñu gaata.They/we are short.


You can also substitute dafa with a relative pronoun:

Dafa njool./Ku njool la.He/she is tall./He is a tall person.


For deñu:

Deñu gaata./Ñu gaata leñu.They are short.


Source: Wollof Grammar Manual, Peace Corps, The Gambia.

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