At the Restaurant (Ci Restoraan)



Wolof does not have a natural way to say “please”, but the phrases given here are all polite ways of asking for help or placing your order.


I am hungry – Da maa xiif [da maa – I am, xiif – hungry]
I am thirsty – Da maa mar [mar – thirsty]

Excuse me… – Baal ma
Where is the nearest restaurant? – Fan moo am restoraan? [fan – where, am – indefinite article]
Where is the toilet/restroom? – Fan mooy seen wanaag? [seen – your, wanag/wanok – washing place/toilet]

Thank you – Jërëjëf


Phrases from ‘Say It In Wolof’ by A. Gueye, word definitions from dictionary by D.P. Gamble.


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