Wolof Question Words w/Audio Pronunciation


Wolof / English / French 

Kan?   Who?   Qui?
Lan?   What?   Quoi?
Ban?   Which?   Quel?
Nan? Naka?   How?   Comment?
Ñaata?   How much?   Combien?
Fan? Ana?   Where?   ?
Kañ?   When?   Quand?
Mbaa…?   …?   Estce que…?
Lutax?   Why?   Pourquoi?
Mootax, Ndaxte…   Because…   Parce que

I got busted for not giving credit to the YouTuber’s whose videos I post (my bad, I thought since the videos are basically links that it’s all good?) So to be a good citizen of the blogosphere and of the Internet at large I will do my civic duty and give credit to Languages1001 for posting this on YouTube.

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