Who is This? Dialog with Breakdown


Beavis: Kii kan la?
Butthead: Kii Tapha la.
Butthead: Kii Mel la.
Butthead: Kii Vera la.

(Kii) kan la?

Who is this person?
(literally: (This person) who is?)

kii — word usually accompanied by a gesture meaning this person (here)
kan? — who?

(Kii) Vera la.
This (person) is Vera.

I am = la — Croff la sant
you are = nga — Sarr nga sant
he/she is = le — Cole le sant


  1. kari – yes i got this from my sisters workbook. she studied at baobab years ago. i am vacationing in dakar now and thought i might take the course while i am here but they wanted 800 dollars WANNIL!!!! so i continue building my wolof from local interaction instead of formal education.

    zach – yes allasane is a good friend of mine. i will be on goree today inchallah and i will ask him to introduce me to you.


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