Self Test – Can You Translate These Phrases? (A, 1-10)


These are from the book Junniy Leebuy Wolof by Mànsóor Xumma.

  1. Aat yaa ngi woy géwél yi.
  2. Ab jatang, loo bàcc bàcc mu xasawum saw.
  3. Ab loot, tàbbi na ba tàyyi bàyyi fa rew bu nyor.
  4. Ab sàmm a waral béy deewul.
  5. Ab ndóol, ku mu yàqal nyakk nga.
  6. Ag bóli, mbedd la; waaye kenn du ca wetal i béy.
  7. Alal du faj dee, gàcce lay faj.
  8. Alali golo, ca lex ba.
  9. Alali jàmbur, ba fa la sant.
  10. Alali jàmbur, ku ca banya kasara, leneen nga ca begg.

P.S. – I don’t have the answers for these…You’ll have to figure them out for yourself!


  1. HI Amadou,

    Where did you get the book Junniy Leebuy Wolof by Mànsóor Xumma? I would love to see a copy. You also might be interested in browsing my site at

    The site can be found at a number of places across the internet but I have lost access to these so I have created a new domain so I can update the site.

    PS I speak Wolof fluently having lived in a Wolof village for 16 years. I have written a book of 750 Wolof proverbs explained in English which I could send to you if you can help me obtain a copy of the book by Xumma.

    I think this comment will give you my email address for direct contact.



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