About the ACI (Baobab Center) Language Program


Africa Consultants International is a development-oriented consulting organization working in the fields of communication and training, primarily in Africa. Among its many activities, ACI offers courses in French, English and national languages (Wolof, Pulaar, Diola, Mandinka and Serer).

Courses range from intensive instruction (5 hours per day, five days a week) to less arduous schedules. Classes are organized based on requests, and class schedules are designed to respond to the specific professional needs of the students. From 1 to 6 students with comparable language levels can form a class. A limit of 6 students per class allows ACI instructors to provide greater individual attention and speaking practice for each participant.

Classes take place at ACI’s Baobab Training and Resource Center, a comfortable, homey setting conducive to serious study and friendly contact and communication. Emphasis is placed on oral-aural skills (speaking and comprehension) with reading and writing used as supports. Orientation to Africa and cross-cultural information and training are routinely integrated into the language program and more detailed orientations can be organized upon request.

The ACI Wolof Course is a one hundred hour introduction to the language for beginners. The course is divided into four 25 hour sessions.

Contact ACI:

Africa Consultants International
Baobab Training and Resource Center
509 SICAP Baobabs
B.P. 5270, Dakar
Telephone: 25.36.37
Fax: 24.07.41



  1. I love ACI BAOBAB!
    My study abroad program with Kalamazoo College was through their classes. They are so helpful with any aspect of life while in Dakar, from language classes (in French, Wolof, Pular, just about anything) to cultural understanding and getting tickets to the latest concerts.
    I highly recommend them!


  2. hello. i am a senegalese. i am teaching french at the American International School of Nouakchott in Mauritania as well as at the American Embassy for Their Post Language Training. I also taught French for many years in the Gambia. I was teaching in International NGOs such as Action Aid and also in the Embassies such as British High Commission, The American Embassy, The European Union, The Medical Research council etc. I also taught English in Guinea conakry in a mining company called CBG( Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinee). i have an experience of 15 years in teaching adults in French, English, mandinka and Wolof Languages. Now i want to return home because of my family. i am looking for a job in your institute as a Language trainer( French, English, Mandinka or Wolof). i am looking forward to hear from you. Thanks.


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