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  1. I just learned about this website today. It is really fantastic. Because Wolof is traditionally taught along side French its hard to find English driven websites that feature Wolof. I’m glad you created this site.

    I struggle to learn Wolof because I don’t hear it frequently enough. This thread is really related to blog pages but I thought I might throw in a plug for 2 websites that feature videos (news and music) in Wolof. The two sites I recommend are and

    Headed to Senegal in March are there any sayings folks would like for me to bring back to the group?


  2. I absolutely am going to Goree. I need to meet with the unofficial mayor of the island, Biggue. She has some of the best glass paintings I’ve seen in Senegal. E-mail me directly and I’ll relay your message.


  3. Facebook also has a community of Wolof speakers.

    Layla Toubab bi dégueuna wolof.

    Why they had to identify themselves as “white” wolof speakers kind of irks me. I hope they are more just referring to the fact that they are not native Wolof speakers rather than to their race?????

    Nevertheless, there is some traffic there with some basics. Its worth a peek.


  4. It is my understanding that toubab translates more as “foreigner” rather than any particular race although it is used for white folks a lot but most white folks are foreigners to africa. I remember in one remote village that me and my sister visited we were called toubab several times and neither of us are white.


  5. True,it can be used for foreigner but toubab is mostly and primarily used for “white”. I think they just wanted to emphasize that they are not native speakers.

    Seneweb has news in wolof which helps a lot. How poeple learn written wolof is beyond me. I find it so hard to assimilate that way. Thank god, I was born and raised there that I speak fluently and learnt from oral form.

    More power to you. And Kuddos for your blog.



  6. yes agreed…written wolof is difficult as there is no such thing as correct spelling for wolof words. my best advice for anybody who seriously wants to learn wolof is to go to a wolof speaking country for a few months but not everyone can do that…plus if you’re interested in wolof chances are you became interested because you already have been to a wolof speaking country or plan on going to one soon.

    amayel…i think i may have asked you before but if you are interested in doing a post for this blog i would appreciate it…it would be great to have something by a native speaker.


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