Religious Terms

Words & phrases with religious significance starting with the letter A. 

Many of these terms may actually be Arabic or Wolofized Arabic. Many Wolof speakers practice Islam which uses the Arabic language.

ajaratutitle given to a woman who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca
aji Makkato go to Mecca
aj githe pilgrimage
Ajititle given to a woman who has made the pilgrimage
ajjana, aljana, arjanaheaven, paradise
allaaji, alxaajititle of a man who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca
allaaxirathe next world
alla-akubaar, allahu-akbarGod is great
alxamdulillaapraise be to God
alxuraanthe Koran
astafurlaamay God forgive, God help us. (an exclamation of astonishment)
atte Yalla lait is the judgement of God, it is fate


  1. here are some more from a different source…

    alayhis salam – peace be upon him
    ameen – please accept (used after prayers)
    assalamu alaykum – peace be upon you
    allahu akbar – allah is greater (also called takbir)
    allahu alam – allah knows best
    al hamdu lilah wa shukru lillah – praise belongs to allah and all thanks to allah
    amma baad – whatever comes after
    astagfur’allah – i ask forgiveness of allah
    audhu billahi min ash shaytan ar rajim – i seek protection in allah from cursed satan
    azza wa jal – mighty and majestic is he (used after mentioning allah)

  2. Beautiful, Suzanne. I think our papas would have been very good friends. My feahtr died of cancer just weeks before my first child was born. Almost 15 years ago. I still think about him and miss him every day. Every. day.

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