In case of emergency…


Help!Wóoy! (wohy)

Call an ambulance!Wooyal ma ambilaans bi! (woh-yal ma am-bi-laans bee)
Call a doctor! Wooyal ma doktoor! (woh-yal ma dok-tohr)
Call the police!Wooyal ma alkaati! (woh-yal ma al-kaa-tee)


  1. Some notes – the source I used for this entry uses ‘wóoy’ for ‘help’ but all other resources I checked uses variants of ‘ndimbal’. The closest words I could find for ‘wóoy’ that the definition was remotely similar to ‘help’ was ‘woo’ which means ‘to call’ and ‘woy’ which means ‘to sing’…not exactly like ‘help’ but closer than ‘wóóy’ which means ‘to winnow’ (agricultural term). If anyone can provide clarification that would be greatly appreciated.


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