Arabic/Islamic Phrases

Assalamu alaykum.Peace be upon you.
Wa alaikumus salam.And peace be upon you. (reply to above)
Allahu akbar.Allah is greater. (takbir)
Al hamdu lilah wa shukru lillah.Praise belongs to Allah and all thanks to Allah.
Bismillah ar rahman ar rahim.In Allah’s name, most gracious, most merciful.
Insh’Allah.If Allah wills. (referring to a future action)
Mash’Allah.What Allah wishes. (indicates good omen)


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  1. I got these from an actual speaker but I know that it can sometimes be difficult to make an exact translation between languages due to the discrepancies between exact transliterations (what is technically being said) and implied translations (what is actually being said). If you think you have better translations please post them. Thank you.

  2. I need some Arabic phrases, that I can print
    In Beautiful

    1. Bismallha Ur Rehman nirhim
    2. Al Hamdo Lilha
    3. Ma Sha Allha
    4. Subhan Allha
    5. Shukar Alhamdo Lillha
    6 Marhabha

    Riaz Hussain

    1. Thanks everyone. I haven’t felaln silent deliberately. Quite the opposite: seeing this at the top of my blog every day would normally be an incentive to get on and do something new, to push it further down the page. But I’ve been away all week and despite the best of intentions didn’t get round to writing/creating anything new. Stuff planned for the coming week, one way or another.I even have the concept (and title) for a painting, but first I have to make a music video.What IS happening to me? Dunno, but I like it.

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