Days of the Week / Bési Ayubés Bi


Wolof names for the days of the week are mostly adopted from Arabic.

As usual you can mouse over for the French translations as well.

MondayAlteneh / Altinay / Altine [al-ti-ney]
TuesdayTalarta / Talata / Talaata [ta-laa-ta]
WednesdayArlahrba / Alarba / Àllarba [al-lar-ba]
ThursdayAlheames / Alxamess / Alxames [al-kha-mes]
FridayArjuma / Ajuma / Àjjuma [aj-ju-ma]
SaturdayGaaw / Gaawo / Gaawu [gaa-woo]
SundayDibéér / Dibeer / Dibéer [dee-beyr]

Saturday may also be known as Aséér. (found this trans. in a Gambian source)

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