Wolof Love Song

Visit our new Wolof translator: JangaWolofTranslator.com.

A Wolof version of that classic song from the movie Grease


  1. Just found the blog and I’m very happy about the initiative!! I’m German living in Spain married with a Senegalese (wolof) and very eager to improve my knowledge and to get some background information!!

    I’m especially interested in the words and melody of “Ayo néné”, the well-known wolof llulaby.

    Keep on publishing,
    all the best!


    1. Sandra: Ja, men det e4r lite feminist-ste4mpel i Gambia f6ver att dansa, det e4r de4rff6r. Jag minns en liten kille pe5 7-8 e5r som dsnaade je4rnet pe5 en Gambiansk fest ff6r me5nga e5r sedan och ne4stan alla ff6rfe4rade sig f6ver att den stackars mamman fe5tt en son som var som en tjej . Killen var asgrym!

  2. more about race relations in America than most books which have been puhebsild about the subject. The fact that race trumps all other considerations has been, and continues to be, the most tragic legacy of slavery.

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