Hello! I am the owner and creator of Janga Wolof. I first created the site in 2007 after I returned from a trip to Senegal. (hard to believe it’s been over 10 years!) If you’re here you most likely already know that Wolof is a major language spoken in Senegal, and its neighbor The Gambia. The idea behind the site was to teach myself Wolof and to share what I’ve learned with others interested in learning the language. The site quickly became one of the premier sites on the Wolof language for English speakers. Janga Wolof is cited or referenced on many other sites for Wolof and my work can be found on several other sites as well (often without attribution, but that’s OK!) Unfortunately, as life caught up with me, my involvement with the site became less and less until finally it became all but neglected. There were a few halfhearted attempts here and there to revitalize the site that were never completed, leaving the site in a state that I haven’t been happy with for some time. I have an opportunity now and a renewed motivation to finally update the site. The internet has grown since I first started this endeavor and there are many new technologies and services that I can take advantage of that will allow me to do things that were either impossible before or were not very easy to do without lots of money, time or know-how. With that said, I am still just a working-class individual without lots of free time or spare money so the rebuild will be slow but steady. The site will remain free as always but donations are always appreciated and will allow me to do more with the site. Any donation no matter how small helps. And all are welcome, donations or not.

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