Wolof / English – A


À combien de kilomètres est … ? (Fr.)
How far is … ?

A daa koleyaata baake. (Mand.)
That’s too much.

A jaaraama/On jaaraama. (Fula)
Thank you.

À quelle heure part/arrive l’autobus? (Fr.)
When does the bus leave/arrive?

À quelle heure part/arrive le bac? (Fr.)
When does the ferry leave/arrive?

À quelle heure part/arrive le bateau? (Fr.)
When does the boat leave/arrive?

À quelle heure part/arrive le car? (Fr.)
When does the bus (intercity) leave/arrive?

À quelle heure part/arrive le train? (Fr.)
When does the train leave/arrive?

A quelle heure? (Fr.)
At what time?

Aa dom. [oh child/doll]
Oh, child.


Abal ma paaka. [to-lend-something-to-someone the/I/me knife]
Lend me a knife.

Acca ca biti! [go-on at outside/the-outside]
Away with you!

Acca leen. [go-on them/you-all/wool]
Let’s go.

Accam/Oppam mi deeja! (Fula)
Leave me alone!

Accident mor fe am! [accident (?) here have]
There’s been an accident!

Achanam hakke/Yaafo. (Fula)

Ada faama engale/faranse? (Fula)
Do you speak English/French?

Ada waawi wallude mi, njaafodaa? (Fula)
Can you help me please?

Adama, norpil lell. [Adam silent/quiet please]
Adama, please be quiet.

Agsil/Agsileen ak jaam.
You’re welcome.


Air condition be dorhooth. [air condition/conditioning the (?)]
The air conditioning does not work.

Ajjuma jot. [Friday to-reach/have-the-time-for]
Friday came around/Friday came.

Ak kan? [and/with hole/who]
And who?

Al/I be kayrato? (Mand.)
How are you?

Al/I be ñaading. (Mand.)

Al/I ning bara. (Mand.)
Thank you.

Al/I seng maakoy noo, dukare? (Mand.)
Can you help me please?

Alaa. (Fula)

Am bes, musiba dal jigeen ji. [or/a/to-have/possess/to-exist/his/her/its day disaster to-be-calm/calmed-down/to-begin/to-fall/come-down-on/lodge-with/happen woman/sister the]
One day a disaster happened to the woman.


Am naa asiraans. am naa a-si-raans
I have insurance.

Am naa jabar. am naa ja-bar
I’m married.

Am naa jëkër. am naa juh-kuhr
I’m married.

Am naa reserwaasiyon ba pare. am naa rey-ser-waa-yon ba pa-re
I have a reservation.

Am nehn koui phott? [have (?) who-will/someone laundry/do-laundry/menstruate]
Is there someone to do the laundry?

Am nga … ? [have you]
Do you have/Do you have any … ?

Am nga badge? [have you badge/identification]
Do you have any identification?

Am nga behnent naik? [have you another house/room/building]
Do you have another room?

Am nga cigarette-american? [have you cigarette-American]
Do you have American cigarettes?

Am nga cigarette-arngaleh? [have you cigarette-English]
Do you have British cigarettes?

Am nga doom? [or/a/to-have/possess/to-exist/his/her/its do-you child/doll]
Have you a child?

Am nga fahre? [have you boyfriend/erase/thick]
Do you have a boyfriend?

Am nga guidebook? [have you guidebook]
Do you have a guidebook?

Am nga jangha? [have you girl/girlfriend]
Do you have a girlfriend?

Am nga jëkkër? [or/a/to-have/possess/to-exist/his/her/its do-you husband]
Have you a husband?

Am nga lu gainne-nar tooty lee? [have you something/what best/surpass-(?) small/little excess/great/fan]
Do you have anything smaller?

Am nga lu gainne-nar yormba? [have you something/what best/surpass-(?) easy/cheap/abundant/simple]
Do you have anything cheaper?

Am nga lu opa lee? [have you something/what excess/great/fan this]
Do you have anything larger?

Am nga match/lighter? [have you match/lighter]
Do you have a match/lighter?

Am nga moto? [have you automobile/car]
Do you have a car?

Am nga pouhrsa ark wohgne? [have you needle and/with thread]
Do you have a needle and a thread?

Am nga tarble? [have you desk/table]
Do you have a table?

Am nga telephone? [have you telephone]
Do you have a telephone?

Am nga yeanent yeneen? [have you (?) (probably from ‘beneen’ another)]
Do you have any others?


Am ngeen néeg bu am ñaari lal? am ngeyn neyg bu am nyaa-ree lal
Do you have a twin room?

Am ngeen néeg pur kenn? am ngeyn neyg pur ken
Do you have a single room?

Am ngeen néeg pur ñaari nit? am ngeyn neyg pur nyaa-ree nit
Do you have a double room?

Am ngen lifeguard? [have you-all lifeguard]
Is there a lifeguard?

Am ngen palarse pouhr internet? [have you-all place for/to internet]
Do you have an internet room?

Am sa weccit! [or/a/to-have/possess/to-exist/his/her/its your/the change/money]
Here’s your change!

Am, Yalla jox la. [or/a/to-have/possess/to-exist/his/her/its God/Allah to-give it-is/the/you]
Here, God gives you. (response to alms asking ‘Sarax ngir Yalla’ Alms in the name of Allah)

Am, yow. [or/a/to-have/possess/to-exist/his/her/its you]
You there, take it.

Am-ati nga … . [to-happen-again do-you]
You still have … .

Ammoo neu … . [(probably from ‘amul’ don’t have) we/us/they]
We don’t have … .


Am-na … ? [there-is/is-there]
Is there … ?

Am-na air condition? [there-is/is-there air condition/conditioning]
Is there air conditioning?

Am-na bar? [there-is/is-there bar]
Is there a bar?

Am-na behnent beneen bu fe nehca? [there-is/is-there another (probably from ‘benn’ one) the here location/intimate/staying]
Is there another one around?

Am-na fridge? [there-is/is-there fridge/refrigerator]
Is there a refrigerator?

Am-na lu jort moto bee. [there-is/is-there something/what (?) automobile/car this]
There is something wrong with this car.

Am-na lu ma marta! [there-is/is-there something/what I bite/sting]
I’ve been bitten!

Am-na ndorh bu tarnga? [there-is/is-there water the hot/intense]
Is there hot water?

Am-na ndorh mu sehda? [there-is/is-there water he/she/it cold]
Is there cold water?

Am-na ndorh? [there-is/is-there water]
Is there water?

Am-na neu garneu! [there-is/is-there we/us/they hurt/wounded/wound] There are people injured!

Am-na phottukai? [there-is/is-there laundry-place (from ‘phottlaundry/do-laundry/menstruate & ‘-ukaiplace/tool)]
Is there a laundry room?

Am-na plane boui dem … ? [there-is/is-there plane (?) go] Is there a flight to … ?

Am-nar dorm-bu-gegain. [have daughter/child-the-female/woman/sister]
I have a daughter.

Am-nar dorm-bu-gore. [have son/child-the-man/male]
I have a son.

Am-nar koui raicha! [have-(probably ‘amna’ there is/is there) who-will/someone escape/slip/drown]
Someone is drowning!

Am-nar lehtahre? [have-(probably ‘amna’ there is/is there) letter]
Is there any mail for me?

Am-nar suma pouhrsa. [have-(probably ‘amna’ there is/is there) my needle]
I have my own syringe/needle.

Amu ñu doom. [(probably from ‘amul’ he has not) they/we/us child/doll]
They had no child.


Amul boppa. [he-has-not head]
He has no sense.

Amul dara. [he-has-not something/anything]
He does not have anything.

Añ bi paree. [to-eat-lunch the/the-one-that ready]
Lunch is ready.

Ana bank bi? [where/how-is/how-are bank the/the-one-that]
Where is the bank?

Ana Faatu? [where/how-is/how-are Faatu]
Where is Faatu?

Ana mu? [where/how-is/how-are he]
Where is it/he/she?

Ana waa kër ga? [where/how-is/how-are person/people compound/shade the]
Where/how are the people of the compound?

Ana waa kër gi? [where/how-is/how-are person/people compound/shade the] How are the people of the compound?

Ana wanag wi? a-na wa-nak wee
Where are the toilets?

Angale rekk laa degg.
I speak only English.


Antal nga walis bee? [able you suitcase this]
Are you able to lift this luggage?

Appelez la police! (Fr.)
Call the police!

Appelez un médecin! (Fr.)
Call a doctor!

Arduna nehh-na! [globe/world/life delicious/tasty/good]
Life is good!

Arna … ? [where-is]
Where is/are … ?

Arna … be? [where-is]
Where is the … ?

Arna airport be? [where-is airport the]
Where is the airport?

Arna bank be? [where-is bank the]
Where is the bank?

Arna church be? [where-is church the]
Where is the church?

Arna embassy be? [where-is embassy the]
Where is the embassy?

Arna embassy be? [where-is embassy/consulate the]
Where is the consulate?

Arna essancesehre be? [where-is gas-station the]
Where is the nearest gas station?

Arna gaych be? [where-is river/sea/ocean the]
Where is the beach?

Arna gaych-bu-mac be? [where-is river/sea/ocean-the-(?) the]
Where is the beach?

Arna hotel be? [where-is hotel the]
Where is the hotel?

Arna jumar be? [where-is mosque the]
Where is the mosque?

Arna lorpetarn be? [where-is hospital the]
Where is the hospital?

Arna mahrseh be? [where-is market the]
Where is the market?

Arna mail box be? [where-is mail box the]
Where is the mailbox?

Arna museum be? [where-is musuem the]
Where is the museum?

Arna pharmacy be? [where-is pharmacy the]
Where is the pharmacy?

Arna police station be? [where-is police station the]
Where is the police station?

Arna police station be? [where-is police station/department the]
Where is the police department?

Arna policeye? [where-is police-the]
Where are the police?

Arna post office be? [where-is post office the]
Where is the post office?

Arna State House be? [where-is State House the]
Where is the State House?

Arna tele center be? [where-is tele/telephone center the]
Where is the telephone center?

Arna telephone be? [where-is telephone the]
Where is the telephone?

Arna tourist office be? [where-is (tourist office/Ministry of Tourism) the] Where is the Ministry of Tourism?

Arna wanackye? [where-is restrooms/toilets/lavatories]
Where are the toilets/bathrooms?


Arrêtez ici, s’il vous plaît. (Fr.)
Stop here, please.

Atte Yalla la. [to-judge God/Allah it-is/the/you]
It is the judgement of God/It is fate.

Attendez-moi ici, s’il vous plaît. (Fr.)
Please wait for me.

Au revoir/Salut. (Fr.)

Au secours! (Fr.)

Au voleur! (Fr.)

Avez-vous des chambres moins chères? (Fr.)
Do you have any cheaper rooms?

Aw ma guru. [a/have-not/to-follow-along/go-by the/I/me kola-nut]
I have no kola.

Aw yoon am. [a/have-not/to-follow-along/go-by road/times or/a/to-have/posses/to-exist/his/her/its]
He goes on his way.

Awa, ñu dem. [well-then/Eve they/we/us to-go]
Well then, let’s go.

Awal yoon wi. [(probably from ‘aw’ to follow along a path, etc./go by) road/times the]
Follow the path.

Awma dorm. [I-don’t-have child]
I don’t have any children.

Awma harlis bu bary. [I-don’t-have money/silver/wealth/cash the abundant/a-lot/plenty]
I don’t have much money.

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