Phrase Dictionary


This is a little experiment of mine. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to organize the phrases. The idea is to give examples of sentence structure and word usage beyond the usual standard basic phrases that are found in most phrasebooks.


    • I’m not sure, the closest I could come up with is:

      “Amine, did you spend the night in peace? Are you in a good mood?”

      (Asking if someone ‘spent the night in peace’ is equivalent to saying ‘good morning’ in English.)

      amine – This could either be a person’s name or maybe the Arabic version of amen.

      you – I’m guessing this is English.

      fanaan – ‘to spend the night’

      si – ‘the’

      jàmm (diam) – peace

      mai – Not too sure about this one.

      yow – ‘you’

      la – This can mean you, she, he, it, etc. Sometimes it’s just kind of thrown in for rhythm.

      kane – The closest I could find for this was kaayn which means ‘to be in a good mood’.


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