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  1. THANK YOU BONNIE FOR THAT AWESOME COMMENT!Mrs C., One thing I am looking foawrrd to with homeschooling my boys is that I was am terrible with punctuation and other things. In school I always had a terrible time with that. I never even learned to understand it. So I really am looking foawrrd to having the guidance while trying to teach it to my boys. I don’t know why I never caught on. I just remember really struggling and telling my teacher but she could really care less. I just flunked that part of the class everytime.

  2. I didn’t see this yesterday eihter. But good work Mark on not breaking your blogging record, My day: (yesterday to pretend like I read this on the right day)I was up all night doing an essay that was due in at 9am, finally got it done and submitted online 10 minutes before my alarm was due to go off, so just got ready and dashed off to uni to hand in the hard copy. Got there and realised I had forgotten my student ID, so couldn’t print. Then panicked until a very nice girl from my lecture let me use hers. I had a 4hour lecture on behavioural theory, at the end of which we had to watch supernanny. Being so tired I left before having to endure nearly an hour of the woman who can’t pronounce acceptable’ correctly. In the afternoon I had a two hour lecture on different methods of research and psychopaths. After managing the day on copious amounts of coffee and relentess, I had a very pleasant drive home because the sun was shining and my iPod pulled out some classics. Then I slept.And so it was..

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