Janga Wolof Updates



  • Yesterday I added a ‘search terms‘ page. This is a combination list of search terms used by surfers to find this blog and top Google searches for terms related to Wolof, Senegal, The Gambia, Etc. It’s a long list but every search term that includes the word ‘Wolof’ I linked the whole term to the Google search query.
  • Today I did some updating on the Pronunciation Guide page. I started to add links/definitions to the Wolof examples. If you hover over the word the definition will appear; if you click the word it will take you to an outside page (Firicat.com) with definitions and examples. As of this posting I have not yet completed all the links. I also added a short explanation on how to pronounce prenasalized consonants. (Other recent updates were the addition of pronunciation tips and alternative pronunciation guides.)
  • Today I also created this updates page.



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