Tips On Using Janga Wolof

  • You can mouse over bold, italic and sometimes even plain text for more information on many of the posts. ← Try it!
  • Use this handy guide to help you get the perfect pronunciation.
  • The Janga Wolof dictionary includes every known Wolof word, in every known spelling, at my disposal…or, at least it will once I stop procrastinating on it.
  • You can also check out the phrase dictionary for examples of Wolof grammar and word usage.
  • Check out the resource page for every print and online resource for Wolof that I could find.
  • Use the search function on the left-hand sidebar to find things on Janga Wolof. (If you use Google Chrome right-click the search box to add Janga Wolof as a search engine.)
  • Stay updated with changes and additions to the site on the updates page.
  • If you have an RSS reader then you can add the Janga Wolof feeds from the right-hand sidebar to keep up with all the latest posts and/or comments.
  • Help a brother out and help keep Janga Wolof free by showing support through a small donation (you can even donate as little as a penny if you like). Scroll down to the bottom of the right-hand sidebar and click the ‘Make A Donation‘ button (don’t forget to stop on the way down and help me support the education of girls in Africa!).
  • Click here to start from the beginning…

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