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Hello friends! I am Jordan, but in Senegal they have decided to bestow upon me the name “Amadou“. I live in Portland, Or., USA. I first visited Senegal in 2005 to visit my sister who was doing research on Gorée Island for Yale University’s archaeology program. My sister, who has since moved back to the United States was considerate enough to have married a Senegalese man, fortunately leaving me with a great Senegalese family and excuse to return to Senegal every couple of years. I enjoy sharing attaya among friends, eating ceebu jën with my bare hands (the right hand only of course) & kicking back with a plastic baggy of slushy bissap and some fresh beignet. I also enjoy being able to do all my shopping from the backseat of a taxi cab.

Sittin' on the dock of Gorée...

Please consider donating to my GoFundMe campaign. This website is my personal creation. There is no business or organization behind it. There is no staff. Just me. A man of modest means with a day job. I have recently fallen behind in my expenses — primarily rent — which keeps increasing every year even though my income does not. I have also been recently diagnosed with some medical conditions that require medication that I currently cannot afford. Among other life expenses that we all have to deal with. Getting back on track with my expenses will be a big help in getting me to a place where I can devote more time to the updating and maintenance of this site. I have considered ways of monetizing this site but ultimately want to keep access open and free. So, any size donation no matter how big or how small is greatly appreciated. And of course, I understand what it is like to be low-income so I welcome everyone to continue using my site whether you are able to donate or not! Peace & love.


  1. Amadou,

    Salaam maalkum! Na nga def? Maa ngi fii alxamdulila! Ana waa ker ga? Nuyul ma say njaboot!

    I have taken 2 1/2 yrs. of Wolof through the Univ. of Illinois, but I can’t say that I have that level of fluency. I’m living out here now (just for the last 2 weeks) and I am looking to find people to get to know who are interested in Senegal/Africa/Wolof.

    My research has been on gender issues in grassroots organizations, adult literacy initiatives, HIV/AIDS awareness/prevention. I was in Senegal in 2003 – and haven’t been able to go back yet – insh’ Allah!

    Jerejef lool!

    Ba baneen yoon,

    Xadi (Heather)


  2. Malekum salaam! ma ngi fi. Jamm rekk. I know a number of African peoples here in the Portland area, most of them Senegalese or Gambian. I would be more than happy to introduce you to some of them. Email me at daaralaaka ‘at’ hotmail.com. Jamm ak salaam.


  3. Hello, my name is Sofia. I’m a student of linguistics at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. I’m writing about languages and how they affect our identity. In my essay I am writing about the Wolof language and people. I’m just wondering if you have an insight on what the language means for its people in Senegal. Wolof in particular..

    I would love to ask some questions about this through mail. If you are interested, pleas contact me through email:

    My best greetings,



  4. Wow, thanks very much for this website! I have many friends here in Memphis from Senegal and other West African countries. It’s nice to find a place where I can learn. I love languages.


  5. Bonjour Amadou,

    Super, ton site wolof. On sent que tu es heureux au Sénégal. Ce Sénégal qui me manque vraiment beaucoup.
    J’ai commencé un dictionnaire wolof sur wordpress.
    > Une question technique : comment as-tu fait pour les tabulateurs ?

    mbuuru TAB pain TAB bread
    jerejef TAB merci TAB thank you

    Je n’ai rien trouvé dans le FAQ et dans le forum de wordpress.com. J’ai cherché dans TAB, table, frame. Je n’ai rien trouvé. Dans l’editor, y a rien du tout. Amul dara.

    Merci d’avance.


  6. Hi Amadou, thanks for the table link. I thought you could find some TABLE button in wordpress, which was invisible to my eyes. You use NOTEPAD or WORDPRESS EDITOR to write all the codes?

    This is the link to my live dictionary :


    It came to life only yesterday. So, a real new born. I feel at home in 3 continents. Therefore, my Wolof manuals are most of the time NEVER on the same spot where I am. The dictionary project has been in my head for a couple of years now. WordPress gave me the idea to start the job. Hopefully the baby will grow up quickly.

    Doing the crazy typing job for the Dictionary Project will help me mastering some more Wolof words. That’s one of my dreams.

    I am glad to have come across your site yesterday. It is informative, entertaining and pleasant to the eyes. And it shows that Senegal makes you happy.

    Sa faranse baax na lool. Sorry for my mistakes in English and in the other languages: I speak none well.

    A bientôt


  7. I usually just input the code directly into the WordPress editor but sometimes I’ll use the Microsoft Works Word Processor to do tables and then copy it into the WordPress editor in Visual mode…the only thing is that WordPress often reformats the code for some reason so it can be hard to get tables to look exactly how you want them. Even less regularly I’ll use a program called PageBreeze which is a freeware HTML editor.

    I had found your page already and I was looking through it…looks promising. Feel free to update us here whenever you update your site with new words.

    Thank you for your positive comments about this site. If you ever feel so inclined you can submit a guest post and I will post it here.

    As far as my French I mostly rely on Google Translator 🙂 I must assume by this post that English is your first language?


  8. The languages I use on a daily basis are German and English. But I grew up in Paris. So, don’t be surprised if I speak Cocktail!

    Thanks for explaining to me your How To about tables and for inviting me to the party.

    Le Petit Wolof is getting bigger. He told me this morning that he is very happy to be born.

    See you.


  9. Amadou,

    Le Petit Wolof is getting bigger everyday. I am sure you’ll like it.

    Bugs have been reduced drastically. There were so many of them in the original version. No way to learn properly when you stumble over annoying bugs.


  10. very nice…keep up the good work. i have actually been working on a dictionary myself over the past few months after collecting the resources over the past few years. i am working on both an online and a print version. so i was very excited to see someone else is taking the effort as well because i know what a large task it is and although the interest in wolof is considerable among those interested in the african languages there is very little resources for the study of wolof both online and in print and i think it is very important that we make wolof as accessible as possible for those wishing to learn it…and on top of that we are doing it for free! knowledge should be free…my print materials have a price tag of course to cover my costs and to make a little extra to help feed my family but everything that i make in print i always post all the exact same info on line so it is still free, it only costs if you want it in nice book form…i know not a good business model but it’s not about that. my main goal is to spread and preserve the language not to make money. again, i am very excited to watch your baby grow into a full-grown dictionary!


  11. Hi Amadou, I came across your site this evening when I was looking for the dates of Tabaski for this year! Super site. I live in the Canary Islands, and have friends here and work with people from Senegal. I keep picking up a bit of Wolof, but would love to have the time to take it more seriously……maybe I can pick up some phrases from you and surprise my friends! Am hoping to visit Senegal next year. I can’t wait. Well done on the site, it’s excellent….and thank you for all the good work!


  12. This evening, out of curiosity, I was trying to remember the days of the week in Wolof, as I recalled that Friday was something like the Arabic for Friday, “Jumma” that I ran across when, again to satisfy that curiosity itch, I went online to see if Muslims kept Sabbath.
    I say I was trying to remember because many years ago in the late 60s I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal and had learned to speak functional Wolof, the result of being assigned to Diogo, a village complex 20km at the end of a dead-end (at that time) road. I would stay up there for 2 or 3 weeks at a time without traveling into “town” to speak English with other Toubabs.
    I have not been back since ’72, my last time there, and I miss it. I suppose they have television now, and much has changed. I would not enjoy learning of a lot of change, as the Senegal of those days was such a unique and unspoiled place.
    My Toubab name is John and I would be happy to continue this chat, “su le neekhe”.

    Man gi leen di nuyu tchi yeen-yip nyu beug jang Olof.

    Wa salaam.


  13. Nanga def Jangalekat Wolof.
    I am very glad that people from so far try to understand African languages p articularly Wolof until to teach it to others.
    I am a professor of language, French and Wolof in SIT and CIEE in Senegal. For over 9 years I’ve been teaching Wolof and the culture to Americans who come to Senegal.
    I would like if you want to share many things with you, experience, educations etc. …
    I know that in American universities, Wolof represents much of African Studies. If it is possible to share that with me it will be great.

    Best regards,

    Moutarou Diallo


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  15. Amadou nanga def,
    Beg naa bubaax ci ligéey bu rafet bi ngéen di def. Man Senegale la, damaa bugoon dem USA jàngale wolof. Am naa lijaasa yu bari ci wàllu jàngale kallaama yi.

    I am a Senegalese teacher. I teach in a high school in St Louis, northen Senegal. I want to go to USA to teach students or people who wish to travel to Senegal for some professional reasons.

    For those who are interested in learning wolof language, you can always email me at misterdiop81@gmail.com


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