When Arriving at the DKR International Airport


After arriving in Senegal, as you make your way out of the airport you will need to have your passport and yellow fever certificate ready to show to the security officials. After you have collected your luggage and made your way past the security officials and outside to the front of the airport you will find yourself surrounded by people asking if you would like to exchange money, get a taxi, help carrying luggage, a tour guide, etc. It is best that you politely refuse all these offers and walk confidently to one of the many taxis waiting at the curb. Under no circumstance let anybody grab your luggage even if they seem to be doing so just to help out, they will expect that you pay them for their service and under the rare circumstance may even steal your luggage. Also a lot of these people work together so if you let someone carry your luggage chances are he will take your baggage directly to his guy’s taxi and “negotiate” the fare on “your behalf”.

Text excerpt from the upcoming Janga Wolof produced Senegalese Phrasebook & Information Guide. Publish date TBA.


  1. UPDATE: I have just returned from Senegal and was never asked for my Yellow Fever Certification…and I have been told by others that they have not been asked for it either.

    I know at one time it was required, because I myself needed it on previous trips but it looks like now they have relaxed that rule.

    AND ON A SIDE NOTE: The picture used here is old. The airport has since been remodeled somewhat. The picture shows that right when you exit the airport you are right on the street where the taxis and other people are waiting but now this is a big parking lot that you have to walk through before you pass through a doorway on the other side where the taxis and all the money exchangers, etc. are waiting to pounce on you 🙂


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