We have surpassed the 1000 mark for hits from unique visitors (in other words, 1000+ different people – or at least from different computers – have visited this site, not total overall visits).

I just want to thank everyone – JEREJEF! that have visited this blog…it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one reading it! haha.

This blog has only been up since November 19th of last year which I think is pretty good for a blog such as this with such a specific niche.

Let’s just hope that this spreads…it is not my wish to be the only or the best source for Wolof on the web but to inspire others to start, or add to their existing Wolof websites since I have found there are a number of sites out there but they all mostly just cover the basic same phrases. Although greetings are very important there is much more to the language and the culture!

May this new year bring you much happiness and joy…


– J.


  1. mangui lay feliciter thi sa blog bi. moussou ma khalat neka dina guiss lou mel mi si internet bi, blog bouy djangualate wolof lol!. but it makes me real happy (n slightly proud i must admit). i hope Senegal is/has been good to you. again tx for the blog and the comment you left me =)
    ps: yes, it did.


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